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Just want to thank you again.  It’s good to work with good people.

Jonathan L., client, 2014

“Just want to thank you again.  It’s good to work with good people.”

Jonathan L., client, 2014

Brad…Thanks for your input. You did exactly as I hoped using your doctor’s point of view and experience. And you write really well (which seems to be somewhat rare these days amongst attorneys).

Mike Treger, Esq., Western Law Corporation

As a fellow attorney who has worked with Brad in the past, I endorse Brad’s work. With his dual medical and legal degrees, Brad has a keen sense of the intricate matters connected with catastrophic personal injury litigation. His attention to detail, business acumen, and personable nature are commendable as well.

Ryan Nowicki, Esq., Glaser, Weil, Fink, Jacobs, Howard & Shapiro, LLP

Brad was opposing counsel in a contentious business litigation matter involving many millions of dollars. Based on this experience, as well as later contact and dealings with Brad, I have nothing but the highest respect for his legal skills, advocacy and temperment. Throughout the litigation and thereafter, Brad conducted himself with the utmost courtesy, cooperation and professionalism while, at the same time, effectively representing his clients and their interests. My endorsement of Brad is absolute and unequivocal.

Marcy Railsback, Esq., Law Offices of Marcy Railsback

When you meet with Mr. Kramer, you immediately sense that he enjoys helping people. I needed a lawyer who could diligently protect my film’s rights and ensure that my distribution agreements were fair and appropriate. Mr. Kramer did just that… and more.

Julian Starks, Film Director, Journey to Sundance

Over the years, the Doctor as I affectionately call him has acted variably as counsel, attack dog, and ultimately, confidant. Not only has he helped me recover thousands of dollars, but in doing so, he has become a dear friend, and someone I can always count on. A consummate professional…with a capital P.

S. Muller, Agent, Innovative Artists

Mr. Kramer is as professional as they come. When it came to protecting my company’s rights and assets, Mr. Kramer gave me the insight I needed to know that the company was safe. When I have any legal issue on the table, he’s the first person I call.

David Schwartz, President, Refund My Shipping

“Thank you Bradley. I have contacted several attorneys and you are the only one who has given me a clear answer of what I must do. I appreciate your help.”

Ana Q., non-retained client

“Hi Brad – I just wanted to thank you for an AWESOME job today. Your preparation for that deposition was so thorough. You are a true professional and David and I appreciate that more than you know.
Thanks again!”

Terry and David, client, 2013

“I was seeking a lawyer for a medical malpractice suit in LA and was not getting many answers from the 3-5 lawyers I had previously spoken to. I then found Dr Kramer online and called him to discuss a possible case. I immediately knew I had found the best lawyer for me. Dr. Kramer is straight forward, does not sugar coat things, give false hope or unreasonable expectations. He is kind, courteous, genuine, and REALLY cares about his clients. Despite his calm demeanor, he will definitely fight to get his client the best possible outcome. He promptly responded to all of my emails, phone calls, etc and answered all of my questions without hesitation. I can’t thank Dr. Kramer enough for all he’s done for me. I would 100% recommend him to anyone seeking an excellent attorney in LA!”

Sue P., client, 2013

“…thank you for your assistance. You are truly a blessing.”

Sue P, client, October 2012

You have a great style about you and actually do your homework…the fact that you are an MD will always attract business and the fact that you are thorough and tenacious will serve you well.

Judith M., client, September 2012

“Dear Brad…I just read your letter. It is beautiful. I am very thankful. You are so good at doing tasks right away. That is a real strength. Much appreciation.”

Vicki M., client, September 2012

Congratulations on your great settlement in the crosswalk case, which I just read about in the State Bar journal … In my opinion, you were very effective, but at the same time very gentlemanly

Tom M., client, June 2012

I recently reviewed your background and found it amazingly impressive.  You take overachieving at a whole new level.   Effective immediately I am replacing Socrates and Hypocrites with your picture over my bed post. Brad, thank you once again.

Leonard M., client, June 2012

I thank you for your compassion and understanding during the difficult transition that occurred following my husband’s death.  You were one of the few people who actually helped me to feel calm and reclaim my life…

L. Topf, client, February 2012

You have been wonderful and we really appreciate your time and efforts in helping us.

Scott B., client, February 2012

I truly appreciate the hard work you did and your honesty…. You truly are a person of integrity!

Leslie T., client, September 2011

Just wanted to say it was great working with you on [this] case … I really dig working with trial lawyers like you who are also self-made entrepreneurs.  To me it’s the gold standard in the legal profession.  Much respect.

Greg D., attorney, July 2011

I cannot BEGIN to express my sincerest appreciation and respect for you–as I have repeatedly stated, I am the newest member of the BK fan club.  Thank you for all you do and all you did–you are a gentlemen who supported me to the end and I will never forget this–a consummate professional who I will regularly, and enthusiastically recommend and promote … Again, my sincerest thanks…

Michael P., client, April 2011

I’d like to thank you for taking this case and your professionalism throughout….I believe anyone we send your way will be in both competent and good hands.

Greg C., client, April 2011

Bradley, I respect the giving of your time and money to help save the Mountain Gorilla. Dian Fossey was an amazing woman, her life work is incredible, what a story she gave us in “Gorillas in the Mist”. I admire your desire to do something positive and not selfish for the holidays! I am honored that you have given this gift in my name and the name of others. The world is a better place because of you and those who act out of kindness and give from the heart.

Jodi C., Client, December 2010

I genuinely appreciate you and your work on my behalf. Your letter is brilliant. Best, Michael.

Michael P., Client, October 2010

Brad…You proved to be a very worthy opponent.  I was impressed by your presentation and how smooth you were. Keep filing lawsuits…

Opposing Trial Counsel, Lewis, Brisbois, Bisgaard & Smith, June 2010

Brad, I just wanted to express my appreciation for you in our lives. I am so impressed with you and how well you took care of my (husband, boyfriend, partner, fiancee…!!!). I look forward to meeting with Fig soon and letting him know how amazing you are. I also will definitely refer you to all. You have inspired me with your attitude, accomplishments, and talents.

Pamela H., Fiancee of client, September 2010

Great, Bradley. I had my concerns about working with you. Normally I only work with doctors who have law degrees, not lawyers who have medical degrees. But this seems to have worked out….[I will] definitely work with you again.

Jay Kamhi, President, Kamhi World, July 2010

Brad, Thank you for your services–you were wonderful to work with!

Kimberly Lansing, Actress/Model, July 2010

Brad, Thank you for your services–you were wonderful to work with!

Kimberly Lansing, Actress/Model, July 2010