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Real Estate Fraud Arbitration Award - $3,800,000.00

In this matter, BIKLAW obtained a binding arbitration award against Congero Development Inc. for operating a Ponzi scheme.   BIKLAW represented a doctor who owned a piece of property in Yorba Linda, California. Congero, which developed surgery centers throughout California, promised to develop the property into a medical building and surgical center. The doctor entrusted Congero with a sizeable amount of money, obtained through a loan secured by the property. The doctor alleged that Congero misappropriated those funds and used them to finance another project. After approximately 2 years with Congero working on the project, the doctor’s property remained an undeveloped dirt lot. With the funds depleted, the lender refused to loan the doctor any further funds and insisted upon the repayment of the loan. When the doctor was unable to do so, the lender foreclosed on the property, and the doctor lost his property. The Arbitrator ruled that the doctor had proven that Congero committed fraud and breached its fiduciary duty to the doctor. The Arbitrator awarded the doctor a sum in excess of $3.8 Million. The sum included the doctor’s attorneys’ fees and costs.

Wrongful Death Settlement - $2,000,000.00

In this matter, BIKLAW represented a family of five in connection with the death of their wife and mother. In this case, while walking across a crosswalk, Gigi Darwish was struck and killed by a Nanny’s vehicle driven by the Defendant Nanny who was on her way to work. The Defendant Nanny was employed at the time as a nanny by her Employers/Co-Defendants. The Defendant Nanny admitted fault for the collision, and there was no dispute regarding the cause or effect of the collision or the cause of death of Ms. Tawfik. Plaintiffs Hossam Tawfik—Ms. Tawfik’s then-husband—and their four children Ahmed, Rana, Nouran and Nermin, claimed that Defendant Nanny was acting within the course and scope of her employment with her Employers/Co-Defendants at the time of the collision and that they were entitled to recover damages from all Defendants. The Employers/Co-Defendants, as the nanny’s employers, denied that the nanny was acting within the course and scope of her employment at the time of the collision, and all Defendants disputed the extent of damages incurred by Plaintiffs. The matter was settled the day of trial.

Business Fraud Settlement - $450,000.00

In this matter, BIKLAW represented one of three founders of a startup energy company with zero profits and zero revenues, only a $300,000 series A financing round.   The claim was that one of the co-founders diverted corporate opportunities and assets from the startup to his own company, and thereby destroyed any chance the startup had of succeeding. The defendant’s expert was prepared to testify that the company had zero profits and therefore was worth zero.  The Defendants in the case attempted to extend the trial date three times in the last two months as well as transfer it to San Francisco twice, but BIKLAW prevailed on all motions.  The Defendants also produced zero documents in the litigation and completely stonewalled the plaintiff in every other regard, but BIKLAW kept their feet to the fire at all times, even foregoing taking key depositions to keep our trial date.  Two days prior to trial, the Defendants offered $150,000 firm, but knowing that BIKLAW was ready and willing to try the case, they increased their offer by threefold on the day of trial.

Fraud Court Judgment - $400,000.00

In this matter, BIKLAW represented a girl who provided her life savings to her live-in boyfriend in an attempt to build his career. Defendant agreed to repay every dollar that was loaned, gifted, or otherwise provided to him. Little did Plaintiff know that the defendant was busy squandering the money in Vegas and engaging in other social debauchery. The court determined that the Defendant had indeed taken Plaintiff’s money and had broken his promise to repay the money, and awarded $400,000 to the Plaintiff for fraud and breach of contract.

Business Fraud Jury Verdict - $337,000.00

In this matter, BIKLAW represented a lady who invested close to $120,000 with a scam artist based on the advice and counsel of her purported friend and investment connoisseur. Little did Plaintiff know that the Defendant was getting a kickback from any money that Plaintiff invested with the third party. BIKLAW filed suit against the Defendant for fraud. At trial, the jury awarded $112,500 in lost investment and $225,000 in punitive damages to punish the Defendant for her actions.

Wrongful Death Settlement - $325,000.00

In this matter, BIKLAW represented an aggrieved wife and son who lost their husband/father after the gentleman was released from the hospital without a psychiatric evaluation during his admission to the hospital following a suicide attempt. Two weeks later, the husband/father took his own life, leaving behind his wife and son.

Medical Malpractice Settlement - $275,000

In this case BIKLAW recovered $275,000 for the victim of a near-fatal overdose of a medication called methotrexate, commonly used to treat rheumatoid arthritis. As a result of the overdose, the Plaintiff suffered near-fatal liver failure and required a month-long stay in the hospital where she nearly died. BIKLAW sued the ordering physician and the pharmacy and was able to convince both parties to settle the case for the maximum allowable damages under California law for pain and suffering in a medical malpractice case.

Accounting Malpractice Settlement - $265,000

In this case, BIKLAW recovered $265,000 for the writers/producers of a television show who sued their accounting firm for accounting malpractice for failing to conduct a proper audit of the studio’s records. The names of the parties are confidential.

Medical Malpractice Settlement - $212,500.00

In this matter, BIKLAW represented a 37 years old woman who had a dilation and curettage following a miscarriage. During the procedure, the doctor pierced a hole through not only the patient’s uterus but her large intestine as well, a known but very rare complication of the procedure. As a result, the woman had to have a temporary colostomy, and now suffers from irritable bowel syndrome. With the MICRA cap on general damages in California, the patient was forced to accept far less compensation than she would have otherwise been entitled to in other states. The defendant doctor claimed, and still claims, he did nothing wrong during the procedure.

Wrongful Death Settlement - $195,000.00

In this matter, BIKLAW represented a family of four orphans who tragically lost both of their parents and one sibling in a period of six months. BIKLAW represented the orphan children in connection with the father’s wrongful death at the hands of an ill-trained physician assistant who missed the cardinal signs of a serious and life-threatening medical condition called a pulmonary embolism.

Hip Fracture Settlement - $175,000.00

In this matter, BIKLAW represented a woman who fell down a dangerously designed staircase while enjoying dinner at a friend’s house. The woman sustained a hip fracture, was rushed to the emergency room, and was unable to work for an extended period of time.

Real Estate Fraud Settlement - $142,500.00

In this matter, BIKLAW represented a celebrity real estate agent who sold a multi-million dollar piece of Beverly Hills property to a buyer, who then failed to pay him his deserved real estate commission.

Bar Assault and Battery Settlement - $137,500.00

In this matter, BIKLAW represented the son of a famous entertainment personality, who sustained a fractured ankle after getting thrown to the ground and battered by a “bouncer” at a neighborhood bar.