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Get Top Compensation For Broken Ribs after a Car Accident

The ribs are the bony structures that protect the body’s internal organs, including the heart, lungs, stomach, liver, spleen, and pancreas. They are also a big support strcuture for your your arms, wrists, legs and feet. People involved in accidents often suffer cracked or fractured ribs due to direct impact from a car, object, or other person. The first seven sets of ribs, known as “true ribs”, are directly attached to the sternum (or breastbone) through cartilage. The next five sets of ribs are called “false ribs”, because they are not each individually attached to the sternum. The first three sets of “false ribs” share a common cartilage connection to the sternum, while the last two sets of “false ribs” (the eleventh and twelfth ribs) are called floating ribs because they are attached to the vertebrae only, and not to the sternum or to cartilage coming off of the sternum.

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