10 Details to Write Down Immediately After a Car Accident

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Car Accident lawyer Beverly HillsIn the confusion and mayhem following a serious car accident in Los Angeles, the last thing on many accident victims’ minds is protecting their legal rights. However, if you or your loved one intend to bring a personal injury claim against a negligent driver and recover financial damages for injuries suffered, it is important that you gather certain information that could be useful down the road. If you or your loved one is injured in the crash, obtain immediate medical assistance — your well-being comes first. Perhaps a non-injured friend or family member can obtain documentation and photographs to potentially be used as evidence on your behalf.

If you or a loved one is injured in an automobile accident in Los Angeles, it could be helpful to write down, or have someone else write down for you, these ten important accident-related details as soon as possible:

1. The date and time of the accident
2. The day’s weather conditions
3. Traffic and road conditions at the time of the wreck
4. The location of the accident
5. The direction you were traveling
6. What happened just before the accident
7. How the accident happened (drawing a diagram might be helpful)
8. The drivers and vehicles involved, including physical descriptions of the people and the car[s], and relevant insurance information
9. Identification of potential witnesses
10. A date, time, and description of any communication from the other driver and/or his or her insurance company

A successful personal injury lawsuit settlement can help you recover the financial bills you may incur as a result of being injured in a car accident. Compensation can include medical and hospital bills, lost wages, the cost of emotional counseling, and other expenses that are incurred after you or a loved one are injured in an auto accident.

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