Caffeine or Music? When You Need to Stay Alert While Driving

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When battling the effects of fatigue while driving, many people either reach for the caffeine or they turn up the music. An interesting study recently examined which of these two fatigue-fighting techniques works best to combat fatigue while driving.
The results of the study were discussed in a paper presented at the HFES 2014 Annual Meeting in Chicago. The researchers designed a study involving 20 participants who took part in a simulated driving study. The study measured the impact of caffeine, music, or no stimulant on participants’ level of driving fatigue.

The findings indicated that both caffeine and music resulted in less tiredness than when neither stimulant was used. Both caffeine and music, therefore, helped to keep drivers feeling more alert.

However, the researchers found that caffeine was more effective than music as a fatigue-fighting stimulant. While music did help to keep participant drivers awake, caffeine intake resulted in a better ability to maintain good driving performance. Participants who used caffeine to help them stay awake also performed better in various driving tests.

Of course, despite these findings, the best course of action if you’re feeling fatigued is not to drive. Taking the time for a good nap might be your best tool for combating fatigue.

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