California Anesthesiologist Disciplined For Using Cell Phone During Patient’s Death

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cell phoneAn anesthesiologist has been disciplined by the Medical Board of California and placed on probation for three years after contributing to the death of a dental patient.

According to the Board, Dr. Barry Lynn Friedberg gave anesthesia to 57-year-old Paula Kane during a dental procedure. He did not have a permit to administer anesthesia in a dental office, but gave Kane the drugs Propofol and Ketamine anyway. He also failed to monitor Kane’s vital signs from the beginning of the procedure with any medical equipment like an EKG.

During the procedure, Kane’s oxygen levels fell and the dental staff was unable to find a pulse. A technician tried to inform Friedberg about the problem, but he refused to end the call on his cell phone or call 911. When paramedics were eventually called, Friedberg also tried to prevent them from assisting Kane. Kane never regained consciousness, and was pronounced brain dead four days later.

As a result of Kane’s death, the dentist performing the procedure surrendered his medical license. Friedberg’s medical license will not be revoked unless he fails to abide by the terms of his probation for the next three years. He will be required to take educational course, and must be supervised by another anesthesiologist during all procedures.

In addition, Kane’s family filed a medical malpractice lawsuit against Friedberg and the dentist. Her family was awarded the maximum amount of damages for the type of case, $250,000.

The consequences these men suffered for unnecessarily causing the death of Ms. Kane hardly seem fair. However, the dentist who completed the procedure will never practice again, and Dr. Friedberg will be educated and supervised for the immediate future. Hopefully Ms. Kane’s family can take solace in knowing that these two will not injure another patient.

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