Can Talking to Someone Help Pull Him or Her Out of a Coma?

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We’ve all seen that scene on TV, where the doctor advises family and friends to talk to their loved one who’s in a coma. But how effective is this advice? Does it really work?

People suffering from severe traumatic brain injuries often spend a period of time unconscious, or in a coma. A recent study suggests that talking to someone who’s in a state of coma may actually help speed up the recovery process.

The study, conducted by researchers at the Northwestern Medicine and Hines VA Hospital using a treatment called Familiar Auditory Sensory Training, involved 15 patients with closed traumatic brain injuries who were in a state of coma.

According to CBS News, initial brain scans showed that when patients heard the voices of family members, their scans showed signs of neural activity. When listening to the voices of strangers, nothing happened in the scans.

Families were asked to work with therapists to identify special stories and memories shared with the patient. These stories were then recorded by family members, and played to eight of the patients in the group. The other seven did not hear any recordings.

The results of the study? The eight patients who listened to recordings of family members telling these special stories and memories recovered faster than those who did not hear any recordings.

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