BIKLAW has been retained by a physician in connection with a multi-million dollar narcotic supply and distribution fraud in which multiple nationally recognized drug distributors fraudulently used the physician’s DEA license without his consent to illegally peddle hundreds of thousands of dollars of narcotics.
BIKLAW won its second jury trial in a row on June 4, 2010, beating veteran insurance defense firm Early, Maslach, & Van Dueck (and attorney Fritz Bystrom), and winning over 150% of the amount previously offered as a settlement. BIKLAW currently has three more trials scheduled in the month of June alone.
BIKLAW has been retained by Hooman Toyota of Long Beach in connection with a $500,000+ business fraud stemming from the unauthorized purchase and resale of multiple vehicles. The case is venued in California’s central federal district.
BIKLAW has been retained by motorcycle helmet manufacturer Shanghai Hehui Safety Products Manufacture USA, Co., Ltd., to litigate an insurance bad faith action.
BIKLAW has been retained by two elderly individuals to litigate a matter involving a $4.6M Truth In Lending Act violation by a national financial institution whose egregious fraud, designed to cash in on the elderly, now threatens two 90 year old women who have lived in the same house for over 70 years with foreclosure.
BIKLAW has been retained by SSP Automotive Equipment, Inc. to pursue claims stemming from fraudulent representations in connection with the purchase/sale of an aftermarket automotive business.
BIKLAW has been retained by an orthodontist to pursue various claims arising out of a fraudulent scheme effected on the orthodontist to induce him to purchase an orthodontic practice. The case is currently set for trial on September 13, 2010 in the Superior Court for the State of Los Angeles, County of Riverside.
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