“Brad…Thanks for your input. You did exactly as I hoped using your doctor’s point of view and experience. And you write really well (which seems to be somewhat rare these days amongst attorneys).”
“I called Brad in to try a personal injury case for me literally a week before trial. Brad organized the case, prepared it for trial, and litigated it ferociously, winning more than 150% of what was offered as a settlement.”
“Brad…You proved to be a very worthy opponent.  I was impressed by your presentation and how smooth you were. Keep filing lawsuits…”
“Brad, Thank you for your services–you were wonderful to work with!”  
“Great, Bradley. I had my concerns about working with you. Normally I only work with doctors who have law degrees, not lawyers who have medical degrees. But this seems to have worked out….[I will] definitely work with you again.”
“Bradley, I respect the giving of your time and money to help save the Mountain Gorilla. Dian Fossey was an amazing woman, her life work is incredible, what a story she gave us in “Gorillas in the Mist”. I admire your desire to do something positive and not selfish for the holidays! I am honored...
“Brad, I just wanted to express my appreciation for you in our lives. I am so impressed with you and how well you took care of my (husband, boyfriend, partner, fiancee…!!!). I look forward to meeting with Fig soon and letting him know how amazing you are. I also will definitely refer you to all....
“I genuinely appreciate you and your work on my behalf. Your letter is brilliant. Best, Michael.”  
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