Distracted Driving: How Effective is Your Voice-Based Hands-Free Technology?

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Most of us are well-versed these days in the dangers of driving while distracted. We know taking our eyes off the road to focus on our phones and other gadgets can have dangerous, sometimes fatal consequences. But what about voice-based hands-free technologies that aim to reduce distractions?

According to the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety, while three out of four drivers believe that it’s safe to use hands-free technology while driving, new research has shown that some hands-free systems may actually increase the level of distraction while driving.

The factors which have an impact on how effective voice-based hands-free technology is in terms of reducing driver distraction? The accuracy of the technology, its complexity and its ease of use.

The AAA Foundation’s research used a five-category rating system to rank the level of distraction, with category 1 being lower and category 5 being the highest. It found, for example, that voice recognition systems that had lower accuracy and reliability scored a relatively high category 3 ranking (as a comparison, talking on a phone, either hand-held or hands-free, constituted a category 2 distraction on the rating system.)

The research also looked at the use of Apple’s Siri technology while driving. A broad range of tasks using Siri were examined, such as using social media and sending texts. Results indicated that use of Siri while driving generated a relatively high category 4 level of distraction for drivers.

The takeaway? Not all voice-based hands-free system are effective at reducing driver distraction. However, based on its research, the AAA Foundation believes that it will be possible to design safer systems in the future.

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