Driver of Recalled GM Vehicle Has Conviction for Negligent Homicide Overturned

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A Texas court ruling recently put an end to a decade of guilt for 30-year-old Candace Anderson.

In late November, a Texas court overturned Anderson’s conviction for negligent homicide. Back in 2004, she had pleaded guilty to charges related to the death of her fiancé, Gene Mikale Erickson, resulting from the crash of the Saturn car she’d been driving.

The car had crashed into a tree, and the air bags failed to deploy. Erickson died as a result of the crash. Since her conviction for negligent homicide, Anderson has served five years of probation and performed 260 hours of community service. She has also had to live with the guilt of causing her fiancé for the past decade.

In a letter, General Motors had acknowledged that Anderson’s Saturn had been covered by the General Motors ignition switch recall and that the defect may resulted in the non-deployment of airbags, which may have been the primary cause of Erickson’s death.

If you’re the owner of a General Motors vehicle which is a subject of the faulty ignition switch recall and you haven’t brought your vehicle in to your local dealer yet, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has issued a consumer advisory urging owners of recalled GM vehicles to bring their cars in immediately for a free remedy.

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