Fighting Your Insurance Company After an Accident

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As almost anyone who has been injured in an accident in Los Angeles knows firsthand, injury cases can be complicated. While you might think it will be a quick process of filing a claim with the insurance companies, this is often not the case. Rather, personal injury cases (like car accidents) involve countless medical and legal variables that require the proficiency of an all-around professional. In fact, finding the right Los Angeles injury attorney for your case may be the difference between winning and losing a battle. A quick Google search shows that there are hundreds of personal injury attorneys in Los Angeles, California; many with the schooling and experience to handle injury cases specifically. But Bradley I. Kramer, MD, Esq. is the doctor turned lawyer with the thorough understanding of your medical injuries and your legal rights that will fight aggressively on your behalf.

Time is of the essence in a personal injury lawsuit in Los Angeles, as there are statute of limitations that prevent an injured individual from bringing a lawsuit after too much time has elapsed. A top Los Angeles personal injury attorney can address these time constraints with you in detail. For many reasons, it is important to find medical and legal help immediately after being involved in a car accident. Serious injuries resulting from another person’s negligence can lead to emotional trauma and severely affect one’s personal or work life. We understand that regaining the ability to live a normal life might be challenging, especially if you are dealing with an unfair insurance company that is acting in bad faith and refusing to pay out on your claim.


As you may have experienced, the insurance company might try to find ways to avoid paying you what you deserve, or even avoid paying you anything at all. There may be attempts to deny compensation, no matter how badly injured you have been by the insurance company’s insured. The best personal injury lawyer in Los Angeles will fight to help you obtain justice, both financially and legally. Don’t let an unfair insurance company win.

Some of the types of injuries that might involve an unfair insurance company include car injuries, truck accidents, wrongful deaths, medical malpractice with drugs, drug defects, public swimming pool accidents, or animal bite injuries. A savvy injury attorney in Los Angeles will gather witnesses and evidence in your favor and to beat the insurance company’s allegations of personal fault or unfair blame.

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