Five Important Tire Safety Tips

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You take care of your car, making sure you take it in to get regular oil changes and any scheduled maintenance, but have you been remembering to check in on your tires regularly, too? In addition to getting you better fuel economy and increasing the life of your tires, monthly tire maintenance may also help prevent breakdowns and crashes.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, these are the five things you should do to check on the state of your tires:

  1. At least once of month, check the pressure on your tires, including your spare tire, when your tires are cold – that is, when your car hasn’t been driven for the previous three hours.
  2. When you’re checking on your tire pressure, also check your tire tread for wear. The built-in treadwear indicators on tires are raised sections running between the treads. It’s time to purchase replacement tires when the treads have worn to the same level as the treadwear indicators.
  3. Regularly have your tires balanced and a wheel alignment performed.
  4. Regularly have your tires rotated. Your owner’s manual should provide information as to how often you need to get your tires rotated and the best pattern for rotation. Some vehicles, such as those with front and rear tires of unequal size, should not be rotated, and in such cases, consult your owner’s manual for the recommended course of action.
  5. When you purchase new tires for your car, make sure they are the same size as the original tires on your car, or are the size that’s recommended in your owner’s manual. You can also find recommended tire size information on the Tire and Loading Information label.

Other tire safety tips include slowing down when going over potholes or objects in the road, and not running over curbs or striking curbs when you’re parking. When loading your vehicle, be sure not to overload it – you can check your owner’s manual for the recommended load for your vehicle.

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