Fraternity Brother Sues Fraternity for Injuries Suffered at Party

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College can be a lot of fun. However, underage drinking, binge drinking, and drug use can also make college a terrifyingly traumatic experience for some young adults. Take, for example, a 20 year old boy who suffered a severe brain injury the evening of a fraternity party, when two of his fraternity brothers allegedly assaulted him. The student is suing his fraternity for its underage alcohol policies. With the plethora of universities in the Los Angeles area and the strong fraternity presence on many of these campuses, we know that this boy and his catastrophic injuries are not alone and that many Los Angeles college students have suffered traumatic injuries as a result of underage drinking or drug use; often at someone else’s insistence.

This particular student claims that he and frat brothers were provided unlimited access to alcohol at a fraternity party and that after the party, he was attacked by two of his fraternity brothers in his own room at the fraternity house. The motive for the attack is unclear (perhaps it was a prank), but according to reports, the student was placed in a headlock and rammed against a concrete wall. As a result of the brutal attack, the student claims that he now suffers from cognitive injuries and has lost his sense of smell (a side effect of closed head trauma). If you or a loved one has suffered or is suffering from side effects relating to a catastrophic injury caused by someone else’s negligence, contact an experienced catastrophic injury lawyer in Los Angeles.
Could your fraternity or sorority get in legal trouble for underage drinking and other illegal activities? Could you sue your fraternity or sorority for promoting or, in some cases, forcing such behavior on you? The answer is yes. Many fraternities have been held liable for the actions of individual chapter members. Be aware this is more likely to be the case when it can be shown that the fraternity allowed a pattern of dangerous or illegal behavior to continue among its members. An aggressive traumatic injury lawyer can work with you to establish such a pattern.

Brain injuries, broken bones, and other catastrophic injuries occur on many Los Angeles college campuses each year. If you believe that you or a loved one was victimized by a fraternity, sorority, or other organization, know that California law and the tenacious lawyers at BIKLAW are on your side. We will help you stand up for your legal rights and potentially recover financial damages for your injuries.

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