Hiring a Personal Injury Lawyer Means Asking the Right Questions

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Like many injured Los Angelenos, you have probably taken to the internet to find a lawyer to help you fight for your legal rights and to recover financial compensation for the injuries you suffered as a result of another person’s negligence. In fact, last year, 58 million people used the world wide web to find and research a lawyer. An invaluable tool, the internet can also be overwhelming, providing you with more results than you know what to do with. If you have been injured in an accident, by your doctor, or by a third party’s unlawful behavior, then you need to speak with an experienced Los Angeles personal injury lawyer about how to bring a personal injury lawsuit. But which lawyer?

There are hundreds of ‘personal injury’ lawyers in Los Angeles, most of whom claim to handle the big cases and bring clients boatloads of money. Obviously, not every attorney can be this successful and some might be stretching the truth. Therefore, it is crucial that you ask the personal injury lawyer that you are considering hiring the right questions. Look behind the fluff and get to the substance.

Here are several questions to ask a personal injury lawyer in Los Angeles that you are considering retaining to help you recover financial compensation for your injuries:

  • How long have you been practicing?
  • Are you State Bar certified?
  • What qualifications, besides a law degree, make you the right lawyer to handle my case?
  • How many of these specific types of cases have you handled?
  • And what results did you obtain on those cases?
  • How many cases have you tried before a jury?
  • What is the most money a jury has awarded to one of your clients in a jury trial?
  • Do you prefer to try cases or to settle out of court?
  • How will you finance the costs of my case?
  • How much time and money are you willing to spend on my case?
  • How many lawyers will be assigned to work on my case?

Bradley I. Kramer, MD, Esq. will provide you with concrete, honest and convincing answers to these questions. A doctor and lawyer, Bradley has the knowledge and expertise required to successfully bring a personal injury lawsuit in Los Angeles. It just makes sense: if you or a loved one were injured in an accident (whether it be a car accident, bar fight, or medical malpractice), don’t you want to hire a lawyer who intimately understands the extent and damage of your injuries? And, thanks to years of medical school, can clearly explain your injuries to the judge or jury?

If you or a loved one has sustained injuries as a result of an accident that was someone else’s fault, contact a Los Angeles personal injury attorney immediately to review the details of your case.

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