How Effective is that Driver’s Ed Program for Your Teen Driver?

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In order for teen drivers in California to get their provisional driving permit, they must complete a state-approved Driver’s Ed course and pass their written driving test. As part of the Driver’s Ed program, teen drivers are required to complete 30 hours of classroom instruction and six hours of practice driving behind the wheel.

The purpose of a Driver’s Ed program is to teach young drivers the fundamental skills of driving and knowledge of California traffic laws and road signs, and help prepare teen drivers for dealing with hazardous road conditions, emergency situations, driving through construction sites and across railroad crossings.

But how effective are Driver’s Ed programs? According to the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety, Driver’s Ed programs can have a significant impact on the teen driver.

New research conducted by the foundation last year found that teens who had completed Driver’s Ed programs were 4.3 percent less likely to be involved in a traffic crash and nearly 40 percent less likely to receive a traffic conviction, when compared to teens who did not complete a Driver’s Ed program.

Additionally, teens who had completed a Driver’s Ed program were more likely to score higher on their driving exam and also had more driving-related knowledge than those who did not participate in a Driver’s Ed program.

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