Issues with Proving the Value of Your Pain and Suffering

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You were injured in an accident. Maybe it was an auto accident, or a slip and fall at a local retailer, or in a bar fight when you were minding your own business. Regardless of how it happened, if you were injured by a third party’s negligent or unlawful actions, you may be able to bring a personal injury lawsuit seeking compensation for damages and injuries suffered.

As any injured victim with mounting medical bills and lost wages will attest, an important component of any personal injury claim is the amount of pain and suffering a victim has endured. No one knows that amount better than the victim him or herself, but the insurance company may try to discredit your pain and suffering and low-ball you on compensation. A skilled Los Angeles personal injury attorney can explain issues that may arise in proving the value of pain and suffering to an insurance adjuster.

Personal Injury Pain and Suffering Claims
When an accident victim files a claim for financial compensation with an insurance company, the adjuster is required to place a dollar amount on the victim’s suffering. This is where a savvy personal injury attorney can help clients understand and organize the documentation needed to present a pain and suffering claim, as the insurance company — even your own! — is generally not on your side. It is important to make sure that you recover every penny you rightfully deserve!

Documenting Pain and Suffering
To be successful in a personal injury claim, an accident victim must document and journal his injuries, related expenses, and path to recovery. The ability to provide solid medical records, receipts, bills, statements from employers and other types of documentation is crucial in a personal injury claim. To verify pain and suffering, adjusters look for evidence that is consistent with a victim’s claims (this includes the use of pain medication, types of treatment, and verification that a claimed injury impacted the victim’s ability to work or enjoy other aspects of their lives).

While an attorney cannot guarantee an individual claim will settle for a certain dollar amount, a good lawyer knows how to help his/her client build a case through proper documentation and open dialogue. For help with your personal injury claim, contact the aggressive Los Angeles trial lawyers at BIKLAW today.

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