L.A. County Sheriffs May Reduce Use of In-Car Computers

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We’ve all seen the distracted driving campaigns targeting the nation’s drivers. Use of a cellphone, whether to text, talk, check email or look something up online, can have potentially tragic consequences. But what about those driving police vehicles, fire trucks or ambulances?

Distracted driving is also an issue with police cars and other emergency response vehicles. Police cars contain in-car computers, and as with a cellphone or a smartphone, when a driver checks such a computer while the vehicle is in motion, the in-car computer is a distraction that can have potentially fatal consequences.

The Los Angeles County sheriff’s office recently proposed to restrict the use of in-car computers. While there is a ban on cellphone use except for extenuating circumstances, there is currently no restrictions on the use of in-car computers.

The draft policy recommendations call for most information that may be critical to a call to be sent out over radio rather than via computer updates which may necessitate officers reading while driving.

While assistant sheriffs have approved the policy recommendations, they are now with the sheriff’s unions for consideration. One concern among the sheriff’s unions is whether such a change will have a negative impact on deputies’ ability to properly perform their jobs.

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