New “See-Through” Technology May Prevent Semi-Truck Accidents

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New “See-Through” Technology May Prevent Semi-Truck AccidentsGetting stuck behind a semi-truck is a frustrating experience. The combination of impatience and the inability to see around the truck often lead to unsafe decisions like passing before you know if it’s clear.

To prevent this problem and make the roads safer, Samsung has developed a “see-through” semi-truck which would allow vehicles behind the truck to see what the driver is seeing through the front window.

The trailer of the semi-truck is equipped with four large screens in a grid on the back panel. These screens create one large picture of the road ahead as if the truck was not there. The screens adjust themselves for daylight and nighttime driving, so that the glare from the trucks is not a distraction on the road.

The prototypes of these trucks were developed and tested in Argentina, where country officials say that an average of 19 people die every day while attempting to pass semi-trucks. Though it will probably be a few years before the technology heads north of the border, Samsung is working with several safety organizations to further develop the technology.

Some skeptics have worried that these trucks may be a distraction for drivers and that there would still be a temptation to drive around the truck regardless of what the camera shows. However, others counter that using technology to prevent accidents has been the trend for the last several decades.

Whenever large trucks are on the road, drivers should remember to give the trucks the space they need to safely maneuver, and always wait to pass until it is safe. Sharing the road with trucks isn’t always easy, but it doesn’t have to be dangerous.

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