New Technologies and Traumatic Brain Injuries on the Football Field

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If you’re the parent of a child who plays football, the recent concerns about concussions among football players are most likely the cause of quite a few worries. But will new and upcoming technologies help reduce the risk of traumatic brain injuries on the football field?

While helmets help reduce the risk of severe brain injuries, they don’t eliminate the risk of incurring a concussion after being hit on the field. At times, even a lower-impact hit can cause a concussion even though the player is wearing a helmet.

The good news? Techcrunch recently reported on a new technological advances in mouthguards and helmets which may help in a number of ways. First, more technologically advanced mouthguards and helmets are expected to come on the market in the near future which incorporate sensors that directly transmit impact data to coaches and others on the sidelines, so that staff on the sideline can be made aware of the potential that a player may have incurred a concussion.

Another avenue being explored is the use of powerful magnets in helmets which may potentially reduce the G-force of an impact by dispersing the energy on impact. The downside, however, is that the magnets only work if all the players on the field are outfitted with similar helmets.

Unfortunately, these technological advances won’t prevent all concussions from happening on the football field. They may, however, enable coaches and other sideline staff to remove players with concussions off the field quicker, and may potentially reduce the number and severity of the concussions experienced by players.

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