Obstetrics and Gynecology and Medical Malpractice: What You Need To Know

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Obstetrician/Gynecologists (often referred to as Ob/Gyn’s) are medical doctors who focus on women’s health. They must treat a host of female medical problems, including those involving the female reproductive system, such as fertility issues, sexually transmitted diseases, pregnancy-related conditions, menstrual issues, female cancers, and more. They also provide prenatal care and deliver babies.

To become a board-certified obstetrician/gynecologist, a physician must undergo seven to eight years of medical training, including four years of medical school and 3-4 years of residency training. If you believe that you were harmed as a result of obstetrical/gynecological care provided to you by an obstetrician/gynecologist, you should consult with a Los Angeles medical malpractice attorney to determine if you can pursue a medical malpractice claim against the physician.

Establishing Medical Negligence

There are many ways in which obstetrical/gynecological errors can occur. Because gynecologists are responsible for maintaining their patients’ reproductive health, they are accountable for diagnosing medical conditions and providing appropriate care. Some of the more common gynecological errors that happen include:

  • Failure to accurately diagnose and treat ovarian, cervical, or uterine cancer
  • Misreading diagnostic tests
  • Failure to diagnose and treat breast cancer
  • Medication errors
  • Negligence in performing a hysterectomy or some other procedure
  • Perforation of the bladder or bowel during a medical procedure
  • Sterilization, hemorrhage, or injury because of a surgical error

When any of these different instances of medical negligence occur, a variety of medical injuries can result. Gynecological malpractice injuries can be life-altering and devastating for both the woman being treated and their families. It can affect a woman’s fertility and her life. Some of the more common injuries resulting from gynecological malpractice include:

  • Incontinence
  • Delayed cancer diagnosis
  • Infertility
  • Uterine prolapse
  • Damage to the reproductive system
  • Psychological or sexual dysfunction

What You Need To Do

To bring a successful gynecological medical malpractice claim, you will need to show these four elements apply to your situation:

  • That you had a doctor-patient relationship
  • That the doctor breached the professional duty of care to you
  • That the doctor’s actions were the “actual” and “proximate” cause of your injuries
  • And that you suffered actual damages

Those that have been affected by obstetrical or gynecological malpractice may also suffer from tremendous financial injuries. If you can establish liability, you can recover compensation for medical bills, rehabilitation, lost income, replacement services, and pain and suffering.

Usually, the jury will consider the severity of the injury and how you, the plaintiff, will be affected in the long-term. If your loved one died because of gynecological medical malpractice, you might be able to pursue a wrongful death claim against the physician or medical facility.

If you have suffered gynecological medical malpractice, you should ask for a free case evaluation from a Los Angeles, medical malpractice lawyer. Contact the Trial Law Offices of Bradley I. Kramer, M.D., Esq., today.

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