Pedestrian Car Accident Injuries in Los Angeles

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One gorgeous Los Angeles morning you decide to take advantage of our always-warm weather and go for a walk. You’re walking on the correct side of the pavement and looking out for bike riders; including children on their way to school. Little do you realize that your entire life will change in the next few seconds when, out of nowhere, a car abruptly appears.

It’s terrifying but reality: A motorist just lost control of his or her vehicle and is heading your way. Before you have a chance to react, after all, these things happen in a split second, the car hits you. Next time you open your eyes, you are in a hospital surrounded by tubes and other terrifying medical equipment. Your loved ones are by your scared, but they are scared too. What next?
A police officer assigned to your case will likely come to speak with you. There’s a very good chance that you can’t remember what happened as it was a blur. Unfortunately, a situation like this can make it hard for you to deal with your insurance carrier. Who’s at fault? Is it you or the driver? Where are the witnesses to support your story? How will your loved ones deal with the trauma? How will you be able to get financial compensation from the at-fault motorist? Will you be forced to pay for all of the very costly hospital charges? These are just a few of the worrying issues you may consider and when an experienced car accident lawyer in Los Angeles might come in handy.

As we have shared in recent blog posts, it is necessary for your health and financial well-being that you to hire the best pedestrian accident attorney in Los Angeles. And as soon as possible after an accident. An aggressive and knowledgeable accident lawyer is capable of dealing with insurance companies and working with you to get the financial compensation you deserve for your injuries.

Pedestrian accidents happen in Los Angeles. If you or a loved one has been injured by a careless driver, reach out to a skilled pedestrian accident lawyer who can fight aggressively for your legal rights.

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