Progesterone Not a Breakthrough Treatment for Traumatic Brain Injury

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A recent clinical trial has come up with some disappointing results for those suffering from traumatic brain injury.

The trial, a phase III clinical trial funded by the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke, had been set up to test the use of the hormone progesterone in the treatment of patients with traumatic brain injury when compared to a placebo.

Because of the results, the trial, which was to have included 1,140 patients, was stopped after only 882 patients participated, once it was determined that additional participants would not affect the results.

Seventy-four percent of the participants were male, and the average age was 35. Motor vehicle accidents were the most common cause of their traumatic brain injuries. Unfortunately, the progesterone treatment results were not significantly different from the results obtained from placebo, with 51 percent of those given progesterone seeing a favorable outcome compared to 56 percent of those who had received the placebo.

Women often tend to respond better to treatment for traumatic brain injuries than men, and in animal experiments and two small-scale clinical trials researchers had found progesterone to be helpful in protecting brain cells after a traumatic brain injury. Such results had prompted the development of this larger scale clinical trial. Researchers had been hopeful of more encouraging results.

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