Psychic Sued for Consumer Fraud

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As we have discussed in recent blog posts, there are countless ways that innocent Los Angelenos can become the victims of consumer fraud. Consumer fraud in Los Angeles can take the form of false or deceptive advertising. Examples of fraudulent business practices can also include deceptive sales practices (aka the ‘hard sell’ and ‘bait and switch’), health fraud (bogus quick remedies for serious illnesses), fraud aimed at minorities (preying on language barriers and cultural differences), and unfair competition (such as price fixing). An experienced Los Angeles consumer fraud lawyer can explain each of these in greater detail.
Consumer fraud takes on all shapes and sizes and often happens when you least expect it. For example, a well-known psychic is being sued for fraud for allegedly taking 6 million dollars from investors on the promise of financial riches and spiritual happiness.  The many Los Angelenos who have visited psychics might have also been the victim of fraud. Make sure you share the details of your potential case with your lawyer. An aggressive consumer fraud lawyer in Los Angeles will take the facts of your case and use them to make specific allegations against the person or company that de-frauded you.

So what can you do if you are the victim of consumer fraud? Generally, there are two options in a lawsuit. First, can try to rescind or get out of the contract and sue for restitution type damages, or damages that put you in the same position as if the fraud never occurred.  Second, you can affirm the transaction and seek compensatory damages.   In addition, your experienced Los Angeles consumer fraud lawyer will also likely seek punitive damages on your behalf.

California law is very pro-consumer and is aimed to support the victims of illegal acts, including fraud. For more information on what constitutes consumer fraud in Los Angeles and what to do if you have been the victim of such unlawful behavior, contact the skilled lawyers at BIK Law today.

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