Senior Drivers: New Research Study to be Done on Aging and Driving

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Age-related research studies on driving often focus on younger, teen drivers, but there is a need for more comprehensive research on seniors who drive. Currently there is very little data existing about the relationship between older age and driving. When relatives or doctors encourage a senior driver to give up driving, for example, anecdotal evidence is often cited rather than actual research results.

The AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety recently announced the latest phase of their Longitudinal Research on Aging Drivers (LongROAD) project with a $12 million investment into the project.

Among the goals of the LongROAD project is to clarify and assess the impact of certain risk factors related to aging on driving, including factors like prescription drug use and age-related deterioration in vision.

The study will recruit volunteer senior drivers at five different study sites. The participants’ real-time driving patterns will be tracked with GPS devices installed in each of their vehicles, and the researchers will also follow traffic and accident records. Participants will also commit to annual medical examinations that will assess physical and cognitive functions.

According to Dr. Alice Pomidor, chair of the American Geriatrics Society Public Education Committee, the research study will have a significant impact on the lives of seniors. Given the importance of driving in the United States, it’s important to let people drive for as long as possible. The results of the study will provide detailed, comprehensive data on aging and driving safety.

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