Serious Bus Accidents Leaves Victims and Families Asking Questions

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You might have heard about the recent bus accident that killed 10 high school students when a FedEx tractor-trailer crossed a grassy freeway median and slammed into the bus. According to news reports, while many of the 40 plus students who were on a trip from Los Angeles to Humboldt State University were able to escape through a window that someone kicked open, some were not as fortunate. Many suffered serious burns and other injuries as a result of the tragic accident. In fact, first responders to the scene reported that 37 people suffered injuries in the crash ranging from minor to severe burns, broken legs and noses and head lacerations. Among those who died was the driver of the FedEx tractor-trailer.

The chartered bus was filled with prospective students excited about the opportunity to tour the Humboldt State campus. The bus was one of two that the admissions office had chartered to bring prospective students from Southern California up to visit campus. The bus involved in this crash was owned by Silverado Stages, a San Luis Obispo-based tour bus company. It is not known if the bus driver was in any way at fault, but if he was, the bus company could potentially be liable for the wrongful deaths and injuries associated with the bus accident. A skilled >bus accident lawyer would know more.

As for the FedEx driver, more information needs to be gathered to determine the extent of his fault. For example, was he driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol? Tired? Texting while driving? Or otherwise negligent before / at the time of the crash? Perhaps there a vehicle defect or mechanical malfunction in the FedEx truck that caused the crash, making the truck manufacturer potentially liable. Hopefully investigators and attorneys will obtain and review the trucking company’s vehicle maintenance logs as well as driver logs.

In a time of crisis or tragedy like the one described above, an experienced personal injury lawyer may be able to help. It is crucial that the surviving victims and the parents and the family members of the deceased victims and the injured students find the resources they need to navigate through these trying times. If you or a loved one was involved in a serious bus accident or other type of automobile accident, you likely have questions about fault, what could have been done, next steps, and more. Reach out to a compassionate auto accident attorney for answer.

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