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For many Los Angeles car accident victims, soft tissue damage can be a slow-moving but painful and serious injury. However, because many of us are accustomed to living with tension (especially in our necks), the side effects of such soft tissue damage, like whiplash, are not always immediately recognized. Many auto accident victims believe that they walked away unharmed until the pain gradually sneaks up on them, leaving them bed-tidden or forced to deal with extreme discomfort. Have you or a loved one experienced similar symptoms after an auto accident that was not your fault?

In medical terms, a soft tissue injury comes about when one’s tendons, muscles and ligaments are overused, stretched, torn or strained; often the result of a car accident — even a fender bender! The tissue in the area might begin to swell or may become bruised, causing internal pain. Lack of obvious external signs of injuries can be challenging in personal injury cases as the insurance company or the court may want to see the physical sign of damage. This is why you need to hire the most aggressive personal injury lawyer in Los Angeles, one who can explain to the judge and/or jury the extent of your injuries, hidden as they may be.
As we stated, whiplash is a very common type of soft tissue damage that often takes a few days to ‘show up.’ Generally the result of a vehicle accident or a sports related accident, it happens when your head and neck is sent forcefully from front to back or side to side.  Whiplash frequently leads to painful headaches, dizziness, pain in the neck, lower back or shoulders, numb hands, and/ or even trouble sleeping. These types of injuries may not always be as evident as others, or seem as harmful, and it is always best to seek the opinion your doctor.

Injuries such as soft tissue damage can remain with you for a long time and can make everyday life painful or more challenging. There is no single treatment for whiplash and some may choose to take pain medication, physical therapy, or both. Either way, if your whiplash was a result of another’s negligence, you should be compensated for your pain, suffering, and medical-related expenses.

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