Suffering From a Concussion? You May Actually Have a Neck Injury

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Everyone knows the difference between a concussion and a neck injury, right? After all, concussions affect the head while neck injuries affect the neck. It seems pretty clear, but if you were diagnosed with a concussion and the symptoms you’re experiencing persist over several months, you might actually be suffering from a neck injury.
A recent study by the University at Buffalo medical faculty published in the Clinical Journal of Sport Medicine has discovered that some of the symptoms common to concussions are also experienced by people suffering from neck injuries.
The study discovered that the cognitive symptoms usually associated with concussions, such as headaches, dizziness, blurred vision, poor concentration and memory loss, were also experienced by patients suffering from neck injuries.
The study involved 128 patients, and involved the use of a graded treadmill test to determine which patients had concussions and which had neck injuries. According to the study’s senior author, there was no way to distinguish the two types of injuries based on symptoms alone.
Because the treatment for concussion is so different from the treatment recommended for neck injuries, a correct diagnosis can be critical. People with concussions are advised to rest for a period before slowly starting up an incremental exercise program, while people with neck injuries are advised to be more active and to begin physical and vestibular therapy much sooner.
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