You have know idea how happy you have made me and Travis. I am so happy this is over and I can move on with my life! Thank you for all you have done for me and my family.
We greatly appreciate all that you have done to help bring this matter to a close. As you said, it is bittersweet, but I think the struggle has brought some measure of peace to our family. Thank you Brad for all that you have done.
Brad, Thank you for your services–you were wonderful to work with!
Great, Bradley. I had my concerns about working with you. Normally I only work with doctors who have law degrees, not lawyers who have medical degrees. But this seems to have worked out….[I will] definitely work with you again.
Brad, I just wanted to express my appreciation for you in our lives. I am so impressed with you and how well you took care of my (husband, boyfriend, partner, fiancee…!!!). I look forward to meeting with Fig soon and letting him know how amazing you are. I also will definitely refer you to all....
I genuinely appreciate you and your work on my behalf. Your letter is brilliant. Best, Michael.
Bradley, I respect the giving of your time and money to help save the Mountain Gorilla. Dian Fossey was an amazing woman, her life work is incredible, what a story she gave us in “Gorillas in the Mist”. I admire your desire to do something positive and not selfish for the holidays! I am honored...
I’d like to thank you for taking this case and your professionalism throughout….I believe anyone we send your way will be in both competent and good hands.
I cannot BEGIN to express my sincerest appreciation and respect for you–as I have repeatedly stated, I am the newest member of the BK fan club. Thank you for all you do and all you did–you are a gentlemen who supported me to the end and I will never forget this–a consummate professional who I...
I truly appreciate the hard work you did and your honesty…. You truly are a person of integrity!
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