The Deadliest Holiday: 4th Of July Brings Car Accidents, Fireworks Accidents

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The Deadliest Holiday 4th Of July Brings Car Accidents, Fireworks Accidents (Article 3)Independence Day is one of the best holidays of the year. From barbecues to boat rides, fireworks to festivals, the country spends this weekend celebrating in true patriotic style.

While the 4th of July provided Americans with a weekend to relax and celebrate, the holiday weekend was also the most deadly weekend of the year.

Dangerous Roads

By far, the biggest killer over the 4th of July is auto accidents. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), in 2013 there were 512 people killed in accidents over the three-day holiday weekend, and thousands more injured.

Some of the increase in auto accidents can attributed to travel—with more people on the road, there are going to be more accidents. The biggest increase in traffic accidents over the holiday weekend, however, is attributable to excessive alcohol.

According to the NHTSA, at least one driver in almost 40% of fatal Independence Day auto accidents had been drinking. With millions of drivers on the roads to or from holiday parties, the average motorist’s chance of colliding with a drunk driver is greater over the 4th of July weekend than any other day of the year with the exception of New Year’s Eve.

Fireworks Injuries

In addition to dangerous roadways, Independence Day also brings the chance of catastrophic injuries suffered during fireworks accidents. While fireworks are an integral part of the holiday, everyone should always keep in mind that fireworks are explosives—not toys.

The majority of firework injuries are caused by misuse and bad decisions. However, when a fireworks injury is caused by a malfunctioning firework or an ill-planned fireworks show, the firework manufacturer or the company producing the show may be responsible for any injuries.

Even when an injury caused by fireworks is the result of misuse, the injuries can be magnified by design defects or manufacturing errors. For example, a defective fuse may cause the firework to explode too soon, or a problem in the ignition charge could cause the firework to explode in an unexpected way, like towards another person rather than into the air.

When a firework malfunctions, the injuries can be catastrophic. Every year, hundreds of people are injured due to flying sparks or debris which can cause severe burns, loss of eyesight, or lacerations.

Staying Safe Over The Holidays

Whenever there is a national holiday, drivers should remember that the potential for drunk driving accidents increases. Use extra caution on the roadways, and always remember to respect dangerous items like fireworks.

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