Top Three Medical Malpractice Cases That Opened Our Eyes in 2021

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Just when you think you have seen it all, you read or hear about someone’s medical malpractice lawsuit and the facts of their case. You are left speechless, wondering how such a grievous error could have happened. As a result, you may be apprehensive about visiting the doctor for a checkup or procedure.

And then you read cases of intentional medical abuse, where doctors and healthcare providers abuse the trust of their patients for greed or lust for power. These cases not only shock the conscience but can make it difficult for good, honest medical providers to develop trusting relationships with their patients.

Unnecessary Surgeries Lead to Criminal Charges

Dr. Javaid Perwaiz, an obstetrician and gynecologist in Virginia, was sentenced on over 50 counts of healthcare fraud and making false statements. A criminal investigation revealed that over the course of a decade, Dr. Perwaiz convinced several women to undergo medically unnecessary surgeries, including sterilization surgeries.

Patients revealed that Dr. Perwaiz induced them to undergo these surgeries through the use of false and misleading statements. He would, for example, tell a patient that they would develop cancer if they did not undergo a certain procedure when there was no basis for that statement.

If giving patients false medical information was unsuccessful, Dr. Perwaiz was not above making up test results. He would then use the falsified results as justification for surgeries that were never medically necessary for patients. 

For his years of medical malpractice and abuse, Dr. Perwaiz received a sentence of 59 years in prison.

Murder Charges Against Doctor for Medical Malpractice

Dr. George Blatti of New York became the first doctor charged with murder for prescribing opioid drugs to patients. Some of these patients later died. Dr. Blatti is still awaiting trial; however, prosecutors have alleged that Dr. Blatti’s practice of prescribing painkillers was fraught with dangers to patients.

Specifically, prosecutors alleged Dr. Blatti would prescribe powerful opioid painkillers to patients whom he had never met. Nor did Dr. Blatti review any relevant medical history of his patients, prosecutors claim. Finally, prosecutors accuse Dr. Blatti of prescribing these addictive medications to patients who appeared to have issues with addiction.

Prisoners Are Entitled to Competent Medical Care, Too

Finally, the Arizona Department of Corrections, Rehabilitation and Reentry has found itself under the microscope after a scathing report identifies several cases of medical neglect. 

Todd Wilcox, the medical director of the Salt Lake County Jail System, filed a report last year highlighting some of the most egregious cases of medical abuse and neglect in Arizona’s prisons.

Some of the horrific events named by Wilcox include the case of a paraplegic inmate whose medical neglect was so terrible that he had to have his penis amputated. Another inmate’s lung cancer was not formally diagnosed despite significant evidence. When it was diagnosed, the man was allegedly denied pain medication and died in pain.

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