Traumatic Brain Injury Patients Show Improvement, May Benefit From Yoga Classes

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view of brainTraumatic brain injuries, or TBIs, are life-changing injuries which may never completely heal. Unlike a broken arm, the brain has a limited ability to generate new cells, which means that the effects of a brain injury are often permanent.

Though the victim of a TBI may never be completely back to normal, our brains are amazing organs which have the ability to adapt to injuries and learn new ways to function. Recently, many TBI victims have been touting the benefits of yoga as a method of healing and calming the brain.

Often, people who have suffered a brain injury are unable to spend much time on a certain task without becoming exhausted. The fatigue can be completely disabling, and can prevent TBI victims from being able to work or participate in many social activities.

Multiple studies have shown that yoga and mindfulness-based stress reduction techniques like guided meditation can reduce both pain and mental fatigue in TBI victims. As a result, specialized yoga studios and classes are springing up around the country.

Participants in the classes credit yoga with improving their sleep, balance, coordination, and ability to concentrate. Many of these classes are filled with injured people who had never considered yoga—wounded warrior classes for injured armed services members are especially popular.

Researchers believe that by practicing mindfulness in combination with the physical movements of yoga, the brain may create new neural pathways and begin to “re-wire” itself around the brain injury.

Though the research is promising, people with TBI should not expect to jump right in to a regular yoga class. A class specifically for those suffering from a brain injury can insure that the instructor knows how to help injured students, specifically by using slow repetition and avoiding any potentially dangerous poses.

Dealing with a traumatic brain injury can be a lifelong struggle, especially if the injured person lacks the resources for extensive medical treatment and therapies. By working with an experienced California brain injury attorney, people who were injured by another’s negligence can seek out the compensation they need to begin the healing process.

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