Understanding What is Considered Catastrophic Injury

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Unfortunately, medical malpractice cases often involve a category of harm known as catastrophic injury. These types of injuries severely and adversely affect the lives of many clients here at our Los Angeles office, where attorney and medical doctor Bradley I. Kramer regularly litigates cases involving severe burns, accidental amputations, brain injuries, and other life-changing medical mistakes.


Catastrophic injuries often leave victims with permanent disabilities. For example, trauma during birth caused by misdiagnosis or unskilled handling of birth difficulties by the physician can result in brain damage. In the worst cases, this can leave the child with intellectual disabilities, paralysis, and difficulty with gross and fine motor skills. While injuries such as traumatic brain injury fall into the category of catastrophic injury, many other medical mistakes also fall into this category. Catastrophic injury is relatively frequent in the area of medical malpractice. Surgeons and other doctors are often forced by medical institutions to work long hours, without sufficient resources, and even performing medical procedures that they are not qualified to perform. When this happens, the liability can reside not only with the doctor, but with the hospital or other medical facility as well.


Effects of Catastrophic Injuries


The devastating effects of catastrophic injuries are varied. In some cases, victims of medical malpractice or other injuries will experience a significant impediment to their physical lifestyle caused by missing limbs, loss of eyesight, or a physical deformity. Other times, the damage is harder to see upon first glance but results in decreased mental prowess, diminished higher-level brain functioning, or other types of significant brain damage. One thing all of these circumstances have in common is the way that the injuries severely disrupt the lives of not just the victims but their families as well. Someone who has a catastrophic injury may need lifelong medical care and physical support, and be unable to work to provide for their family.


Damages for Catastrophic Injuries


To have the damages for a potential catastrophic injury case truly evaluated, it’s important to find a Los Angeles medical malpractice law office with a proven track record, such as The Trial Law Offices of Bradley I. Kramer, M.D., Esq. Since Dr. Kramer is both a medical doctor and a licensed California attorney, he has both the medical and legal insight to evaluate and discuss potential damages. These might include out-of-pocket expenses such as medical bills and lost income from time off of work, as well as noneconomic damages based upon disfigurement, permanent disability, loss of enjoyment of life, and pain and suffering. It is not unusual for the damages in some of the worst catastrophic injury cases to amount to millions of dollars paid by the defendant.


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