Want to See What Happens If You Drive While Distracted? Try a Distracted Driving Simulator

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We all know we shouldn’t use our cell phones while we’re driving. But often it can be tempting. You’re driving along and your phone rings or you hear that distinctive note of an incoming text. In those few seconds, you might have wondered just how much harm would occur if you just quickly answered that call or read that text.

It turns out now that you can experience what happens when you engage in distracted driving, but within a safe environment. Toyota has recently come out with its TeenDrive 365 distracted driving simulator which utilizes Oculus Rift, an advanced virtual reality technology that immerses you in a three-dimensional driving environment.

While driving the simulator, you experience a number of common distractions – from text messages to traffic noises to annoying virtual passengers sitting beside you and behind you. And you can see what happens when you divert your attention from the road toward one of these distractions instead.

The Oculus Rift headset offers you a deep, immersive virtual reality experience. It includes 360° head tracking, a 100° field of view and impressive 3D audio that puts you right into the heart of the experience.

According to VizWorld, of the 10,000 people who have tried the TeenDrive365 simulator, almost 80 percent said the experience encouraged them to try to reduce distractions while driving.

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