What are The Costs – Both Economic and Intangible – of Impaired Driving Accidents?

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Chances are, you’ve either been involved in a motor vehicle accident yourself, or you know someone who has been. Car crashes are a daily occurrence, and the costs associated with such accidents are quite extensive. And despite educational campaigns about the dangers of drinking and driving, drunk-driving related accidents continue to make up too large a proportion of such accidents.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, traffic fatalities arising from an impaired driving accident happen once every 52 minutes. In 2013, 10,076 people died as a result of an alcohol-impaired driving crash, a number that constitutes 31 percent of all traffic fatalities.

The costs to society of alcohol-related motor vehicle accidents is enormous. In the United States in 2010, it’s estimated that car crashes cost approximately $277 billion, with alcohol-related crashes accounting for an estimated $49.8 billion of these costs. This cost account for a range of costs, including lost productivity and workplace losses, medical costs and property damage.

But this amount only accounts for the economic costs of motor vehicle crashes. It doesn’t take into account the intangible costs that also results, especially when serious injury or death occurs. In such cases, there are losses related to lost quality-of-life which must be taken into consideration.

Once lost quality-of-life is factors in, it’s estimated that, in 2010, motor vehicle accidents in the United States caused total societal harm equal to an estimated $870.8 billion. Alcohol-related accidents account for $206.9 billion of these costs.

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