What Role Does Driving Speed Play in Car Crashes?

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It’s common sense to associate speeding with motor vehicle accidents; after all, there’s a greater risk of losing control of a vehicle that’s being driven at high speeds, and a loss of control greatly increases the likelihood of an accident.

For those who are curious about such things, the Institute for Road Safety Research has an interesting fact sheet which can help you better understand the relationship between speeding and car crashes.

The research, it turns out, is in agreement with common sense. While there are a number of factors which affect the role driving speed plays in a car crash, what is clear as a result of the research is that the faster the speed, the greater the risk of a crash occurring. However, the factors that do affect the relationship between speed and crashes make it difficult to say exactly what role speed does play in a car crash. It’s estimated that approximately a third of all fatal crashes are partly caused by inappropriate levels of speed.

Other interesting facts about speeding? The crash rate on a rural road increases more than the crash rate on an urban road. And an individual who’s speeding has a higher crash rate than the other vehicles on the road.

Speed also has an effect on the severity of injuries resulting from the crash. The higher the speed, the more severe the injuries. Other factors that come into play are the mass of the vehicles involved: in a collision between a lighter vehicle and a heavier one, it is usually the occupants of the lighter vehicle who will suffer the more severe injuries.

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