When a Personal Injury Results in Paraplegia

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Paraplegia is a catastrophic, life-changing event and results in the individual’s lack of feeling from the waist down. It seems crazy that one moment, a perfectly healthy individual can be walking or driving and the next, have complete loss of feeling in their lower body; often a result of another person’s negligence.  Paraplegia causes the interruption of signals between the brain and other parts of the body. This means that in most cases, paraplegics have no feeling in their legs, feet, bowel and bladder and are generally insensitive to pain in those areas. If you or a loved one was paralyzed as a result of someone else’s negligence or unlawful behavior, and are experiencing phantom pain, muscle spasms, sand/or sexual dysfunction and fertility problems, reach out to a skilled Los Angeles paraplegic accident lawyer.

Paraplegia is often caused by an injury to the spinal cord and non-disease related paralysis can result from damaged or severed nerves from high risk or dangerous activities such as motorbiking, skiing, rugby, soccer, football, or diving.  In order to lead to paraplegia, the injury must be traumatic enough to damage the nerves encased in the vertebral bones, or vertebrae. As many Los Angeles drivers and passengers know, paraplegia can also be caused by automobile accidents; even seemingly minor rear-enders and fender-benders with older cars that have no head rests and slip and fall accidents in Los Angeles grocery stores.


While many paraplegics have wonderfully positive attitudes and live fulfilling lives, there is no doubt that their lives have changed dramatically. Activities such as hiking and running aside, many paraplegics are unable to enjoy a full sexual life with their partner. Additionally, many everyday tasks that the Los Angeles paraplegic once completed without a second thought suddenly become very challenging, if not impossible, post-paraplegia. Caregivers and healthcare professionals are often brought in to help care for the paraplegic. This is why a skilled Los Angeles trial lawyer will seek the maximum amount of damages in settlement or trial for accidents or injuries that result in paraplegia.

Sometimes, a doctor or healthcare professional’s medical negligence contributes to your or your loved one’s paraplegia. With the crowding in hospitals and other issues, medical malpractice in Los Angeles is a growing concern. The doctors turned lawyers at BIK Law have the medical knowledge and the legal experience to help you and your family recover the financial damages you are owed because of a medical professional’s malpractice. For more information on medical malpractice in Los Angeles, click here.

No matter how you or your loved one came to be paralyzed, if it was a result of a third party’s negligence, you need to contact an experienced catastrophic injury lawyer in Los Angeles immediately. Of course, make sure that the injured individual is receiving proper medical attention. The best accident lawyer in Los Angeles will help you fight for the financial compensation you deserve.

If you or a loved one has sustained injuries as a result of another’s negligence, contact a Los Angeles catastrophic injury attorney immediately to review the details of your case. The Trial Law Offices of Bradley I. Kramer, MD, Esq. have years of experience with severe injury cases and we will make sure insurance companies are not able to take advantage of your vulnerable situation.

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