When Is A Burn Injury The Result Of Negligence?

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Wound dressing seriesA burn injury is often the result of underlying negligence. Whether the burn is the result of carelessness, or can be traced back to the negligence of a product’s manufacturer or business’ policies, the root cause of most burns can be traced back to someone other than the victim.

When a burn is caused by someone else’s actions or failures to act, the injured person can file a negligence lawsuit and recover compensation for their injuries. Because many burn injuries require extensive and long-term care, determining who is to blame for a burn injury is of the utmost importance.

Finding out who is responsible for a burn injury often takes a significant amount of investigation on the part of a skilled injury attorney. In general, people or entities responsible for negligent burn injuries include:

Corporations and Owners

Many burn injuries happen on the job or in industrial settings. When an accident occurs because of poor employee training, unsafe work environments, or improper storage or labeling of caustic chemicals or flammable materials, the business and its owners may share some of the blame for a burn injury.

Product Manufacturers

A company which designs and manufactures consumer products has a responsibility to its customers to create safe products which will not catch fire or explode.  When things like space heaters, grills, irons, or other potentially dangerous products cause an injury, it could be because the manufacturer failed to design or produce a safe product.

Property Owners

A property owner or a landlord has a responsibility to make sure that their buildings comply with fire safety regulations. When a building is not up to code, or when a landlord fails to provide things like smoke detectors, fire extinguishers, or clearly marked exits in case of a fire, the property owner could be responsible for any burn injuries which occur.


Finally, individuals can be held responsible for the burn injuries they cause through either intentional acts or negligence. When a car accident causes a vehicle to catch fire, the person responsible for the accident will also be responsible for any injuries, including burns, which result. If the person who caused the burn did so on purpose, or caused the burn as a result of some kind of reckless behavior, he or she will also be liable to the injured person.

Determining who is at fault after a burn injury is an important process that requires the help of a skilled personal injury attorney. At the Trial Law Offices of Bradley I. Kramer, M.D., Esq., our knowledgeable staff of medical and legal professionals can evaluate your injury case and help you understand your legal rights. If you would like to speak with an experienced Beverley Hills personal injury attorney, contact Dr. Bradley I. Kramer today by calling (310) 289-2600 or use our online case evaluation form to have your claim reviewed for free.

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