When Should You Question Your Doctor?

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Doctors are experts in providing health care, and most of them are good at what they do. There are times, however, when you may need to ask your doctor questions, obtain explanations or get a more detailed explanation if you’re unsure of an explanation your doctor’s already provided you.

According to the U.S. News, Health, whenever you’re feeling uneasy about something your doctor has discussed with you, you should ask for an explanation. Here are four times it’s suggested you should question your doctor:

  1. Your doctor advises you to get a costly imaging exam. Imaging exams are often ordered when they’re not medically necessary, and they are very expensive, as well. Some exams, such as CT scans, also come with the risk of exposure to radiation.If your doctor says you need a costly imaging exam, U.S. News, Health suggests you ask him or her if the test is absolutely necessary. If you are not satisfied with your doctor’s answer, it may be time to get a second opinion.
  1. Your doctor gives you a diagnosis that alters your life. You should consider consulting another doctor for a second opinion if you’re feeling at all skeptical about the diagnosis. According to U.S. News, Health, second opinions are always in your best interests, so you should examine things further if your doctor discourages you from getting one.
  1. Your doctor assures you of something that’s outside of his or her control, like costs. Your doctor may assure you that a procedure he or she is recommending will be covered by your health insurance, but you should remember that dealing with costs isn’t within your physician’s area of expertise. U.S. News, Health suggests that you double-check with the health care billing people who will actually be dealing with the price of a procedure and your insurance coverage.
  1. Your doctor makes you feel uncomfortable. Even though he or she is the expert when it comes to medicine, communication between you and your doctor is a very important component of the doctor-patient relationship. A number of things can affect this relationship. You may find your doctor to be rude, or isn’t really listening to you. According to U.S. News, Health, if you’re uncomfortable with your doctor, you should consider finding a new doctor with whom you feel more rapport.

While doctors are the experts in providing us with medical care, as health care consumers we need to be proactive about our own health as well. If you ever find yourself feeling uneasy about your doctor’s diagnosis or treatment suggestions, or other aspects of the doctor-patient relationship, it may well be time to ask some questions, or talk to another doctor.

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