Woman Recovers $20 Million for Serious Brain Injury

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Summer months mean time spent in the water for many Los Angeles residents. Whether you are heading to the beach or your local lake or river, it is important to practice water safety and avoid a serious boating accident. However, if you or a loved one are injured by someone else’s negligence (such as another person or business), there is legal help. Take a local woman, for example. She was seriously injured in a watercraft accident on the Colorado River and was recently awarded $21.7 million by a Los Angeles jury in her lawsuit against the watercrafts’ drivers and a manufacturer. This is why you / your loved one need the help of an aggressive, experienced Los Angeles personal injury lawyer.

While out having fun on the water, the young woman suffered a permanent brain injury when the watercraft the woman and two others were riding became impossible to control. Allegedly, this was a result of a defect that Polaris, the maker of the watercraft, knew about. Brain injuries can often be serious and life-altering. The brain is a delicate, important organ and often, the victim of brain damage will experience the loss of the ability to perform certain physical and/or mental functions.If you or a loved one suffer a brain injury, you will likely have to pay thousands of dollars in medical and health bills and, depending on whether the injury is temporary or permanent, you might need to obtain full-time care for the victim. A skilled brain injury lawyer can help you obtain financial recovery to pay for these medical bills.


Additional, if you were injured as a result of a defective product, you might be able to recover financially with the help of a trial lawyer. There are various types of defects, such as manufacturing defects and design defects. Manufacturing defects are those that occur in the manufacturing process and usually involve poor-quality materials or shoddy workmanship. Design defects occur where the product design is inherently dangerous or useless (and hence defective) no matter how carefully manufactured.

Like this woman who recover over $20 million dollars for her brain injury, talk to an aggressive Los Angeles trial lawyer about your / your loved ones’ legal rights. The skilled doctors-turned-lawyers at BIKLAW have successfully handled many traumatic brain injury lawsuits, product liability lawsuits, and other personal injury lawsuits. Reach out to the trial lawyers at BIKLAW today for more information on your potential lawsuit.


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