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In this matter, BIKLAW represented a family of five in connection with the death of their wife and mother. In this case, while walking across a crosswalk, Gigi Darwish was struck and killed by a Nanny’s vehicle driven by the Defendant Nanny who was on her way to work. The Defendant Nanny was employed at the time as a nanny by her Employers/Co-Defendants. The Defendant Nanny admitted fault for the collision, and there was no dispute regarding the cause or effect of the collision or the cause of death of Ms. Tawfik. Plaintiffs Hossam Tawfik—Ms. Tawfik’s then-husband—and their four children Ahmed, Rana, Nouran and Nermin, claimed that Defendant Nanny was acting within the course and scope of her employment with her Employers/Co-Defendants at the time of the collision and that they were entitled to recover damages from all Defendants. The Employers/Co-Defendants, as the nanny’s employers, denied that the nanny was acting within the course and scope of her employment at the time of the collision, and all Defendants disputed the extent of damages incurred by Plaintiffs. The matter was settled the day of trial.

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