The Trial Law Offices of Bradley I. Kramer, M.D., Esq. is a preeminent plaintiffs’ trial law firm representing individuals and businesses in California and across the United States. Our attorneys are ferocious competitors with one-and only one-goal in mind: to maximize the emotional and financial recovery for those who have incurred damages from another’s fault, be it personally or through their business. We specialize in cases involving breach of contract, business fraud, unfair business practices, catastrophic personal injury, defective products, and unsafe design, and we will legally bludgeon our opponents to make sure that every one of our clients’ claims is properly vindicated to the fullest extent of the law. Our principal, Bradley I. Kramer, M.D., Esq., has been recognized by clients and the legal community for his relentless courtroom skill, his responsiveness to his client’s needs, and most importantly, his personal integrity and respect for law. Many firms have no reservations about litigating cases with questionable validity, hoping that by invoking the power of the court system, they will be the recipient of a quick, easy settlement. We operate differently. We litigate and are prepared to take to trial large damage, complex claims worth hundreds of thousands, if not millions of dollars, rather than settle small questionable cases worth between $5,000 and $25,000. Our goal is to preserve justice over profit, recovery over retaliation, and for that reason, we work tirelessly to filter out frivolous lawsuits before we invoke the legal process. To discuss your legal issue, please contact our firm at your convenience. With offices in Los Angeles and New York, we represent clients throughout California, New York, Illinois, Nevada, and Arizona. The Trial Law Offices of Bradley I. Kramer, M.D., Esq…When Having a Great Lawyer Isn’t Enough.

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    New Technologies and Traumatic Brain Injuries on the Football Field

    If you’re the parent of a child who plays football, the recent concerns about concussions among football players are most likely the cause of quite a few worries. But will new and upcoming technologies help reduce the risk of traumatic brain injuries on the football field? While helmets help reduce the risk of severe brain...
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    How Safe is That Fetal Keepsake Ultrasound?

    There’s a certain excitement that fills a couple’s life when they’re expecting a baby. As the child’s due date approaches, the sound of the baby’s heartbeat, the image on the ultrasound technician’s monitor, every little fetal kick the mother feels are all experiences that parents treasure. Ultrasound imaging is the most common medical imaging proc...
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    L.A. County Sheriffs May Reduce Use of In-Car Computers

    We’ve all seen the distracted driving campaigns targeting the nation’s drivers. Use of a cellphone, whether to text, talk, check email or look something up online, can have potentially tragic consequences. But what about those driving police vehicles, fire trucks or ambulances? Distracted driving is also an issue with police cars and other emergenc...

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