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Having a partner in business can sometimes be akin to having a spouse. And while as much as 50 percent of marriages wind up in divorce, a large percentage of businesses based on a partnership similarly often come to an end ­– and sometimes a bitter end.

When a partnership ends, many loose ends need to be tied off completely. Money, property, clients, and outstanding receivables all need to be allocated between the partners and the partnership must be wound down according to very specific rules and regulations.

In the context of the dissolution of a partnership, or even within the context of an existing partnership, disputes can arise regarding, among other things, the distribution of assets.

Disputes You May Run Into When Dissolving a Partnership

If you are dissolving your partnership for any reason, you should seek out the assistance of an experienced partnership dispute attorney to help you settle any disputes you run into, including:

  • Disputes among general partners, limited partners, shareholders and LLC members
  • Breach of contract or fiduciary duty
  • Business conspiracy
  • Theft of company property or embezzlement
  • Theft of confidential information
  • Disparagement of goods
  • Other disputes unique to your business

Dissolving a partnership can bring about a lot of challenges for everyone involved, but it’s important to preserve the business and assets you’ve developed over the years. You may want to attempt to resolve any issues on your own, but a partnership dispute lawyer can help you find the results you deserve in protecting yourself, your current and past business and any future endeavors you hope to undertake.

How an Attorney Can Help

Experienced partnership dispute attorneys can help investigate any possible claims you may have and provide you with options for the steps you can take to protect your interests and rights in the partnership. They can assist you with negotiations, mediations and arbitrations. When needed, the attorneys can help you create a strong case with evidence to back up your claims and reach a solution that is in the best interest of everything you’ve worked so hard for.

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