The American Public Transportation Association has indicated that in 2016, Americans took 10.4 billion trips on public transportation. People board public transportation 35 million times each weekday. Since 1995, public transit ridership is up 34 percent, outpacing population growth, which is up 21 percent, and vehicle miles traveled (VTM), which is up 33 percent.

With this many buses, vans, and trains moving people across America on a daily basis, it’s no surprise that public transportation accidents are a frequent cause of debilitating injuries to commuters in this country.

If you’re a commuter, and you use public transportation, then you know that when you’re on that bus or train, you’re not the one in control of the vehicle, so you have no way of knowing whether your driver or conductor is exercising reasonable caution in getting you to your destination.

When bus drivers take turns too fast, or don’t slow down for speed bumps, or when train conductors drive too fast for a given track, collisions or even derailment can occur which can result in catastrophic injuries for passengers.

Dr. Kramer is not only a licensed lawyer in California, but he is also a licensed medical doctor, so he can evaluate medical injuries caused by a public transportation accident in a way that few lawyers can.

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