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If you are a business owner, you most likely rely on an accountant or an accounting firm to handle your financial matters, including the organization of records, and calculation of revenues, profits, and taxes. For larger companies, the reliance on an accounting firm may be for far more complex calculations, including the calculation of amounts due and owing to the business, the extent and timeliness of outstanding payments, the amount of outstanding receivables, the amount of commissions, licensing fees, or residual payments owed, and others financial matters.

Types of Accounting Malpractice

An accountant or accounting firm’s commitment to you is to properly manage your accounts. That’s what you are paying them to do, right? But in certain cases, things can go awry.

Some of the main ways in which an accountant can commit malpractice are breach of contract, negligence and misrepresentation. Breach of contract occurs when an accountant or firm has intentionally strayed from industry best practices. If they break the agreement they have with you, fail to product a result or meet the applicable standards, and cause harm to you, then they have breached the contract. Similarly, when an accountant commits negligence, they do so by failing to use reasonable care in conducting their services, failing to use acceptable accounting practices, and causing harm to you and your business.

If you believe the accountant or accounting firm is guilty of misrepresentation, you must show that it was intentional misrepresentation where they falsely represented themselves and got you to rely on them for services that led to damages to you and/or your business.

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At the Trial Law Offices of Bradley I. Kramer, M.D., Esq., we have spent years evaluating and litigating accounting malpractice claims, where an accounting professional has caused a financial loss to a company.

If you believe that an accountant or an accounting firm has not performed its duties appropriately, or has done something that has caused financial damages to your business, please give us a call anytime at 310-289-2600.

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