Driving Near a School? Stay Focused

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Distracted driving can have serious and tragic consequences. So would it surprise you that a recent study which monitored the intersections near California schools found more than 8,000 instances of distracted driving occurring in a single hour?

The results come from last year’s Roadwatch study, which is administered annually by the California Friday Night Live Partnership (CFNLP). Participating students in 28 counties across California observe the intersections near their schools for instances of distracted driving.

Out of the 8,378 instances of distracted driving observed by participating students, the top three distractions engaged in by drivers were:

  1. Cellphone use (talking and texting).
  2. Eating and drinking.
  3. Personal grooming.

Programs like Roadwatch have a number of benefits. According to CFNLP Director Jim Kooler, “Engaging California’s young people like this encourages their positive and healthy development and empowers them to become active leaders. Programs like our annual traffic safety summit and this Roadwatch allow California youths to lead their peers in reducing distracted driving collisions.”

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