Fraud Costs Businesses over $975 Billion in Damages

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In 2008, fraud cost U.S. businesses over $975 billion, most of which goes unrecovered by victims.

Business litigation cases are won and lost on the documents, so when you’ve been defrauded or injured by unscrupulous business tactics, you need a ferocious litigator to get the documents and the confirming testimony you need to win.

For more than six years, Dr. Kramer has been intimately involved with a host of complex business litigations involving fraud, conversion, negligence, unfair business practices, and other claims.

No corporate entity is too large or scary for our firm. That’s why Dr. Kramer has taken on entities big and small, including major corporate entities such as Blue Cross/Anthem, the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, major motion picture studios, and the California Department of Health Care Services.

If you or your business has been defrauded, or if someone has promised you one thing and done the opposite, don’t let them retain the portion of that $975 billion that belongs to you. Give us a call and see how we can help you.

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