How to Stop Being an Organ Donor in California

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Are you an organ donor in California? The small pink dot on your CA driver’s license will let authorities and doctors know if you have made the decision to donate your organs upon your death so that others might live. The decision to donate your organs is a serious one and experienced personal injury lawyers in Los Angeles suggest that while organ donation is essential to saving lives, Californians should weigh the pros and cons before saying yes to organ donation.

The statistics associated with automobile accident deaths are sobering. In California, thousands of people are killed every year in horrifying car accidents and tens of thousands more innocent victims are injured. However, there can be a silver lining: sometimes the Californians who have been killed in a California car accident go on to save the lives of others by donating organs.
If, after consultation with your lawyer and family members, you agree to donate your organs upon your death, you need to be aware that you are entering into a contract with the DMV.  This legally binding contract allows the state to take your organs, even if your family is against it or you change your mind before taking legal steps to ensure that your new wishes will be honored.

So what can you do if you change your mind after agreeing to donate your organs in California?  Start by taking these steps to reverse the process:

  1. Return to the DMV office.
  2. Tell the California DMV that you no longer wish to be a donor.
  3. Send the DMV a certified letter clearly outlining your wishes not to be a donor. You do not have to explain your reasons.
  4. Get a new license, without the pink dot that states you’re an organ donor.
  5. Contact a skilled personal injury lawyer in Los Angeles if you encounter any issues.

Drivers and passengers are fatally injured on California roadways every day. Make sure that your wishes and rights are fully represented before you get on the road. Talk to an experienced Southern California personal injury lawyer today.

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