New Law Extends Statute of Limitations for Hit and Runs in California

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Sick and tired of the increased number of hit and run accidents that occur in Los Angeles each week? You aren’t alone. A new California law passed in response to the high number of these accidents throughout the state is intended to give law enforcement officials the ability to investigate deeper into these oftentimes deadly accidents. The bill was passed on the heels of two tragic hit and runs in which two people were struck and killed by fleeing drivers and another three suffered serious injuries.

Gov. Jerry Brown signed into a law a bill that would expand the current three-year statute of limitations for hit-and-run offenses to six years from the date of the offense. The new law allows law enforcement officials to solve these cases, which often become cold after several months of no leads. With this information in mind, contact the police and file a report as soon as you become aware that you are the victim of a hit and run. Additionally, if you witness the accident while it is taking place, try to take down as much information as possible about the offender’s car. Details about the make, model, color, and license plate number of the offender’s vehicle might be able to assist the police in locating the driver, and the insurance company in processing your claim.
Unfortunately, a hit an run driver may never be located. He may never have to directly make restitution to his victim. Thankfully, if you have properly prepared yourself before you are victimized, restitution will still be made, and you won’t have to take bear responsibility for his actions. This is why discussing your car insurance policy with an experienced auto accident lawyer is always a wise decision. He or she will be able to analyze your policy and let you know if you have obtained the proper coverage and/or if you need to add additional coverage.
As we have discussed in other blog posts, fleeing the scene of a car accident is against the law. Unfortunately, this does not mean that all drivers observe the rules of the road and stop to exchange insurance information or see if anyone is injured after they cause an accident. If you or a loved one has been the victim of a hit and run, know that there is legal recourse. Discuss these rights, and your potential financial recovery, with an experienced personal injury lawyer today.
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