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Were you or a loved one involved in a serious auto accident where the victim suffered short and long-term injuries? If you answered yes, know that financial recovery many be available to you. When working with an experienced Los Angeles personal injury law office like BIKLAW, your attorney will help put together a comprehensive settlement package that takes into consideration past, present, and future medical bills and related expenses.

The Importance of Including All Medical Expenses
When your personal injury lawyer meets with you to discuss your auto accident case and go over the injuries you and/or a loved one suffered as a result of a negligent driver or third party, part of the initial focus may involve coming up with a settlement offer to submit to the insurance company. Your lawyer will discuss all the factors that are involved in determining an accurate figure, but as we stated above, the settlement package itself must take into consideration all of your past, current and expected medical expenses relating to the injury. It’s important to make sure any settlement offer accounts for the true cost of your injury. If you have met with a personal injury lawyer who did not discuss or include all of these potential costs, contact attorney Bradley I. Kramer today to receive an honest, accurate appraisal of your potential case.

What is in a settlement package?
Before submitting a demand package to the insurance company, your attorney should submit a report or expense sheet reflecting all of your past and current medical expenses. Hopefully, as a part of your contribution, you have read this checklist ofwhat to do after you were involved in a car acciden, and you kept detailed records and a >post car accident journal of your road to recovery. It’s important that before the attorney sends the report over, you cross check it with your records to make sure nothing is missed. Additionally, your attorney should contact your medical providers to ensure that all bills have been submitted and are noted in the settlement figure. Once the projected medical expenses are accurate, your attorney can make an appropriate settlement demand.

If you were injured in a car accident in Los Angeles and you feel like your legal rights have not been adequately represented, contact the proven personal injury attorneys at BIKLAW today. Bradley I. Kramer, MD, Esq. and his team will fight aggressively on your behalf, ensuring that you receive the financial compensation you deserve.

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